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Although James Gunn is one of the busiest men on this planet, this doesn’t stop him from working on multiple projects. Gunn declared a crucial update on HBO Max regarding the Peacemaker Series. As many of you know, he is the director of The Guardians of The Galaxy and the Suicide Squad. The new series (Peacemaker) is starring John Cena’s character from the sequel of Suicide Squad and the fans are going wild with this news. This eight-episode series is set to premiere in January next year, 2022.

“I just finished the first cut of Episode 1, and I love it so much,” Gunn told a fan on Twitter. “People are not prepared for this behemoth,” He added. With this he confirmed his direction of the show. Apart from the WWE legend John Cena, the show is also starring Steve Agee who was seen in The Suicide Squad and Superstore, Danielle Brooks who was in Orange Is the New Black and Close Enough, Robert Patrick from the Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Perry Mason playing the character of Auggie Smith, Jennifer Holland from the Brightburn and American Horror Story, she is playing as Emilia Harcourt, and lastly Chris Conrad from Perpetual Grace, LTD and Patriot as Vigilante.

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The additional cast of the Peacemaker Series includes: Lochlyn Munro (Riverdale), Chukwudi Iwuji (The Underground Railroad), Annie Chang (Shades of Blue), Christoper Heyerdahl (Hell on Wheels, Supernatural), Elizabeth Faith Ludlow (The Walking Dead), Rizwan Manji (Goliath), Nhut Le (The Kroll Show) as DC hero Judomaster, Aison Araya (Arrow) as Amber, and Lenny Jacobson (Nurse Jackie) as Evan.


James Gunn posted a photo of himself on Instagram with the legendary WWE star John Cena in the background. During an interview James explained how this series is closely linked to him and how he wanted to make this series especially for children addressing the problem of bullying in the children these days. James mentioned that this show is inspired by his son. He said, “I want to do something; I would like my son Max to see.” He continues by saying “He was bullied; quite a bit. When he went through middle school.” He wants the victims of bullying to feel that they also have a hero. He wants his son, Max, to see someone on screen just like him so that he can relate with what he is watching on the screen. But this is not just a children’s show as added by Gunn “I want to do something that appeals not only to kids but everybody.” Further in his interview he mentioned John Cena by saying, “I’ve never seen John Cena do anything like this. He’s always been a good guy character and he has come up with some very creative ways to get kids involved in his cause.”

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