James Palmucci from Charlotte County faces 83 charges of sexual crimes against kids



  • The jury charged a man with multiple felonies for molesting and sexually abusing young girls.
  • The age of the victims ranges from 12 to 16.
  • According to the sources, James Palmucci will get arraigned in October.

Inside Story

CCSO shared a video on Facebook, where a detective confirmed that young girls sent multiple complaints to investigators that a 48 years old Palmucci man from an Englewood had been molesting and abusing them sexually. Furthermore, during the investigation, the detectives revealed that they found child porn videos on Palmucci’s phone.

Sheriff Bill Prummell in the video clip said that it is crystal clear that the man has no regard for the law as well as young people. He continued that his officers work very hard to send criminals like him behind the prison bars. He also said that if men will prey young kids, then law enforcement is going to prey them. He added that the police officers in Charlotte County are the protectors of their children.

Currently, the criminal is being held by the officials with a $1.4 million bond. Even the deputy confirmed that the Charlotte County man molested female victims who were below the age of 12. Some news sources reveal that after further investigation, the investigators are going to find out more people who are behind this. As of now, the suspect is going to spend the rest of his life behind the prison bars.

Investigation Report

After the interrogation, the deputies found James Palmucci at the corner intersection with Spinnaker Boulevard and Van Lake Drive. On Monday, one of the neighbors Betty Eerniffe reported that the street is usually calm and quiet, but it was not so quiet that night. Eerniffe stated that all the locals from the neighborhood noticed some individuals taping the area and the sheriff’s vehicle.

Later on, the entire neighborhood in Englewood East was shocked after the cops arrested James Palmucci. Sources reveal that the 48 years old is facing 83 sex crime charges. Those charges range from lustful and lewd sexual abuse and molestation the kids below the age of 12. The authorities also discovered there were other victims between the age of 12 and 16.


The criminal is also facing charges of battery of a kid by throwing some kind of fluids. However, the arrest report did not disclose much about the charges. On Monday, Palmucci received a sentence to prison in Charlotte County. Sources reveal that he will get arraigned in October. Fort Myers FBI investigators, along with CCSO were working together to arrest the suspect.

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