James Wan, Aquaman 2 director, announces the start of filming.

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The DC sequel has begun filming, Aquaman 2, director James Wan said.

The filmmaker shot a picture of Instagram’s first clacker board on Monday (June 28) and appears in a type of ice-capped cavern on some snow.

“Day One,” Wan entitled the picture to the comment area, as lovers of comic books hurried to share their joy. “It’s going to occur! But, keep cool, it’s happening to everyone,” one user remarked, another one exclaiming: “Wohoooo!! LET’S GOOOOO!”

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While nothing is known about the follow-up plot – officially called the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom – filmmaker David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick indicated last March that “any single comic book story” will not become the picture’s focus.

Speaking during a question-and-answer exchange on Twitter, he shared: “We don’t take and adapt a comics tale, but you have to pick up almost every story of Black Manta from Silver Age if you want to know what the atmosphere is.”

While the villain appeared to be overpowered by Arthur Curry/Aquaman (Momoa), the figure was back in a scene of credit that tricked Black manta – the actual name of David Kane – into revenge.

Temeura Morrison, Amber Heard and Patrick Wilson, The Star of Conjuring, are among the other returning stars to replace their respected roles as Arthur’s father Tom, Méra and Orm. Pilou Asbæk (Thrones Game) is also on board.

The release date is currently December 16 2022, for Aquaman 2.

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