People Who Are Not Following Jay Olaleye On TikTok, Your FYP Is Missing Major Comedy Gold

Jay Olaleye On TikTok
Jay Olaleye On TikTok

Sarcasm is a love language that not everyone understands, but Juliana “Jay” Olaleye, aka @flossybaby, delivers it masterfully in funny TikTok sketches that make me feel like I’ve stumbled onto a one-woman Saturday Night Live spinoff.

Jay Olaleye On TikTok, who is 22 years old, is most known for her sketch comedy and story-time videos. Her brand of humor extends from amusing one-liners to sharp monologues and sketches involving many characters (all played by the one and only).

Whereas TikTok stars like Caitlin Reilly make us laugh with their impersonations and animators like Audrey Hopkins have us grin with their work, Olaleye’s popularity stems from her flexibility and unpredictability.

“A lot of people say my videos are incredibly odd, and that’s purposeful on my end because when I initially started putting stuff out, I didn’t want to have a specialty,” she explained to POPSUGAR.

Regarding the Creation of Her Viral TikTok Videos

Olaleye’s sense of humor ranges from cheeky inner monologues to brutally honest observations on her daily life and relatable moments of disbelief with her dog, Dior.

Her “Fast Food Mansion” series, in which she gives fast-food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King over-the-top personalities inspired by reality TV shows, and her “Gen Z As… ” series, in which she mocks stereotypes about her generation being too lax or overdramatic, are among her most popular videos.

She has over 3.7 million followers as a content producer and was just included in TikTok’s 2021 Discover List. Olaleye was a college student with a degree in psychology and a minor in forensics before joining the app.

But what began as a joke, like downloading TikTok a little more than a year ago, changed her into a full-time TikToker and motivated her to relocate from Texas to Los Angeles, where she routinely networks with other influencers and producers.

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