Jennifer Aniston admits she almost quit acting after a project “sucked the life” out of her



  • Recently, Jennifer Aniston appeared in an episode of iHeartRadio’s podcast Smartless.
  • She revealed that an ‘unprepared project’ made her question about her career.
  • Currently, she appears in The Morning Show as a cast member.

Inside Story

Acting is an art. It has to come out naturally. But sometimes, it can drain out all your energy and become a soul-destroying job. Every actor has been through that phase, where they think nothing is going according to their plans.

It makes them question why continuing this career it they are tired of it. Only a few percent of actors achieve fame, and the rest end up doing nothing with their life. 

Hollywood industry looks fun and glamorous from the outside, but it is not what it seems. On one of Monday’s episode of iHeartRadio’s podcast Smartless, Friends star Jennifer Aniston said that a few years back, she nearly quit acting after working on an unprepared project.

She clarified that she took the project before joining “The Morning Show” which airs on Apple TV+. The 51 years old continued that the project sucked the life out of her. And she doubted whether this field interested her.

She said that this happened a couple of years back. Later on, she joined The Morning Show as a cast member and executive producer. She added that she had a bad experience, which made her question her career choice. The 51 years old did not mention any other details about the show. She also did not talk about her retirement from the industry.

She said that if she makes any decision to leave the entertainment industry, then she would like to pursue a career in interior design. She added that she likes it, and that is her happy place. Her fans will be more than happy with whatever decision she takes because it is her career. And in the end, we all choose what we love.

She had a negative experience with that unnamed project, but she talked about many beautiful memories from her time on the TV screen. She said that she had the best time while playing the role of Rachel Green on NBC sitcom Friends.

She said that Friends was the No. 1 series for her and her next favorite was the 2011 romantic comedy “Just Go With It” which starred Adam Sandler.


She shared more fond memories on the TV set with her co-stars and went on talking about her bad moments too. If you haven’t listened the complete episode, then you can listen to the episode here. Also, stay tuned for more updates.


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