Jess Hall Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of WandaVision’s Breathtaking Cinematography

Source: variety

Long time cinematographer Jess Hall is widely known for his array of films over the last 20 illustrious years, like the RomCom Switch, the drama Brideshead revisited and so on. But if there’s one genre that still attracts the crowd to the cinemas, it’s superhero genre, and unfortunately Hall never got to work upon that, that is until he was contacted by director himself, of the upcoming movie ‘WandaVision’.

This was a massive change from the cinematography he has previously worked upon.

In an interview, Hall stated his plans of filming the nine-episode story arc, as well as the inside track. Hall reportedly had a discussion with Olsen and Bettany regarding the work, and probably talked about Shakman’s love of a cult favorite being the reason he got the coveted MCU cinematographer gig for the entire season, streaming now on Disney+.


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