Jessica Jones Director Could Make A Madame Web Movie

Jessica Jones Director Could Make A Madame Web Movie
Jessica Jones Director Could Make A Madame Web Movie

This Wednesday, Variety exclusively reported that Sony Pictures is preparing a Marvel movie “in secret” with director SJ Clarkson, responsible for several episodes of the Netflix series Jessica Jones.

But not in agreement with it, sources close to the production house also revealed what will be the character on which the project is most likely based.

According to the rumors heard by Variety, the feature film in question could be about Cassandra Webb / Madame Web, an ally of Spider-Man in the world of comics.

It should be remembered that, since September last year, Sony commissioned the writers of Morbius – Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless – a script for the future solo film about Madame Web, which undoubtedly plans to join the company’s Spiderverse (where it also appears the Venom saga ). Could this really be the film that SJ Clarkson was hired for?

Jessica Jones Director Could Make A Madame Web Movie
Jessica Jones Director Could Make A Madame Web Movie

The truth is that the same sources of Variety assure that the project just revealed does not yet have a writer. Obviously, this would rule out the fact that it is the same product that we heard about in 2019.

It is, therefore, necessary to wait for more verifiable information to emerge in the coming days or weeks.

On the other hand, it has been confirmed that Clarkson will direct the first Sony Pictures film that will feature a female character from the Marvel universe as the protagonist.

If not Cassandra Webb, who else do you think it might be? Obviously, within the Spider-Man canon. Since her first comic book appearance ( The Amazing Spider-Man # 210 ),

Madame Web is regularly portrayed as a blind old woman suffering from a neuromuscular disease that makes it difficult for her to move and breathe.

Therefore, she must remain connected to a system that keeps her alive, whose structure resembles a cobweb. His power is clairvoyance, with which he has assisted the wall-climber in various missions.

Throughout her entire career as a director, SJ Clarkson has remained on television. Thus it has become renowned within the industry, having led one or several episodes of famous series such as Jessica Jones, The Defenders, Bates Motel and Orange Is the New Black.


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