Jill Duggar talks about her life with her ultra-conservative parents



  • Jill Duggar is living a new life, where she drinks, wears jeans and has a nose piercing.
  • She decided to start a new life after quitting living as per her parents’ ultra-conservative belief system.
  • She realized that the way she lived with her family was damaging.
  • Currently, she is happy and taking things slow.

Inside Story

Those days are gone when Jill Duggar used to be committed to the ultra-conservative belief system of her family. Today, the new Jill has a nose piercing, wears pants, and doesn’t follow ultra-strict dress code.

Apart from that, she also started drinking, which is not allowed in her family. Are you surprised why she is breaking all her family rules?

Recently, she has made a wise decision for herself by distancing from Michelle and Jim Bob after realizing that the way she was raised was nothing but damaging to her. She made this decision after Derick had a quarrel with Jim Bob, which broke the family into two.

Jill is happy with her newfound freedom, and recently, she and Derick answered all the questions from fans.

She said on the video that she wouldn’t have done something that she liked because her closed ones would backlash against her. She said that she would have avoided it because she hates confrontation. She also said that sometimes it is alright with other people not being okay with you. But as long as you know the decision was right, then nothing matters.

Furthermore, she also revealed that after receiving Derick’s approval, she wore pants for the first time at an amusement park.

Jill continued that it will not be easy to go against her family’s belief system, and her siblings won’t support her either. Jill has embarked on a new path, and everybody will have different opinions on different things about her.

She said that some of her siblings have more to say about the change, and some are like that they are happy for her to take that decision. Recently, she is also not interested in accepting any kind of criticism from others, so she has turned off the comments on her Q&A.


Jill is taking baby steps to live a modern life as a liberated woman. It seems like she has accepted the fact that living her life on her terms will not be easy as it sounds, which is a real fact for everyone.

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