Jim Parsons Finally Clarifies Over His Decision To End ‘The Big Bang Theory’


Four Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, if there is one character who, so far, has marked Jim Parsons‘ career, it is Sheldon Cooper, the physicist of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ whom he played for 12 seasons. 

Even though the idea was to continue recording chapters, the actor decided not to continue with the series, putting an end to one of the most successful sitcoms in television history.

At that time, Parsons did not give any explanation, and it is now that, on David Tennant’s talk show, he has detailed the reasons that led him to decide that, at that time, no one understood.

Jim Parsons Finally Clarifies Over His Decision To End ‘The Big Bang Theory’

While he was in the middle of season 11, he went to New York to do ‘Boys In The Band’ on Broadway. The performances and rehearsals of the series left him “exhausted.” But that was not the worst. He was anxious because one of his dogs was reaching the end of his life at that time

Ultimately, Parsons and his husband decided to euthanize him. He felt devastated as if he was on the edge of a cliff. He broke his foot before going on stage, and somehow, he discovered something dark about the death of his dog, who was 14 years old. Todd and he had been together for 15 years. It appeared to him as the end of an era. He had a moment of clarity and thought, ‘Don’t go on so fast. Use this time to stop and take a look.’ And he did it.

The final blow came with the death of his father at age 52: “If they had told me that, like him, I had six years to live, I think I would have needed to do other things.”

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After participating in ‘Hollywood,’ one of Ryan Murphy’s latest series, the actor has shot with the same director the film version of ‘The Boys In The Band,’ also for the platform.

Guess its end of an era for hardcore fans of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and Jim Parsons as well.

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