JJ Abrams and WandaVision director is bringing a New Star Trek movie.


Star trek returns to the big screen again with JJ Abrams and Matt Shakman onboard a new unknown project. The director of WandaVision is likely to call this film from a script written by Lindsey Beer and Geneva Robertson for Paramount Pictures.

The Bad Robot Productions in Abrams are also involved, as is the trilogy with Chris Pine as Captain Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Spock. However, storey elements are kept hidden for the time being, while it is also not clear whether this will increase the continuity of Pine and Quinto.

The last chapter in their Trek world of films, named Star Trek: Beyond and directed by Justin Lin, was released five years ago.

Quinto himself revealed in October 2020 that it was perhaps the fourth instalment: ‘We are all really close friends in real life, and I think we would be happy to go back to the story.’

The creator of Fargo, Noah Hawley, was ready at some point to restart his films. “Last year, we don’t do Kirk, we don’t do Picard. “This is a beginning of scratches, and then we can do what we’ve done to Fargo, where you’re going, ‘Oh, that’s really nothing to do with the movie,’ and then you’re finding the money.

“With one thing that they adore, you reward the audience.”


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