Joe Biden Calls Son Hunter A Smartest Guy I Know Amid Questions Over


Democratic nominee Joe Biden reported his son Hunter as the smartest guy he knows in between growing questions about the former vice president’s supposed ties to his son’s profession lookout. 

Biden made the comments throughout an online event hosted by Oprah Winfrey. In which he told how he went home. Gathered with his relatives at the times nominee Barack Obama inquired him to be his mate in 2008.

So I got down from the train and went to my place. It was a true story. We sat down in the back. I had my dead son Beau. who was the person  Attorney General of the state of Delaware at the times? I had my son. Hunter is the well-dressed person in my contact. My daughter is a social worker. The whole family was there. We sat on the back porch. 

Questions about Hunter’s business dealings. His father’s supposed role in them. They have been increasing since the search for emails on a laptop purportedly belonging to Hunter. The claims by Hunter’s retired business links that he stay in touch with the elder Biden in 2017.

That link, Tony Bobulinski gave an interview on Tuesday. It detailed his supposed interviews with the retired vice president one he says took place on May 2. As per the text messages first reportedly by the upcoming week. 

Those tests showed that the interview did, in real take place. Bobulinski asserted that it was Hunter Biden and Jim Biden. The brother of the former vice president who had urged for the interview.

The Biden campaign denied to comment on the interview Joe Biden reportedly had with Bobulinski. Biden himself has not still addressed asserted of him on Tucker Carlson Tonight. 

Biden shared with media that I have never conferred with my children or anyone else anything having to do with their profession. 


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