Johan Hill Claps Back After Dealing with Online Body-Shaming!!

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Best known for his comedy, Johan Hill is a two-time Oscar Nominee. He is comfortable with himself and, he looks, although it took him a long time to reach here. 

What recently happened to Johan Hill?

Recently, a photographer followed him to the beach where he was surfing. There he took pictures of him without a shirt on. The photos just went over the interest, and a lot of comments and trolls were made about his appearance but, Hill didn’t care about this at all. He reached out to people via an Instagram post where he conveyed his lack of care, along with a meaningful message for encouraging others.

The post included a screenshot of his photo which was posted online in an article. He told that he used to keep his shirt on while swimming or when he used to be around the pool as a kid and, this continued till his mid-30s. He also told that everyone has some of the other issues going on in their life, weight is just one of them.  

Things to give a thought!!

If someone loses or gains weight, it becomes a headline in the media pointing out what happened and then discussing the possible awful consequences a person can face. If a person gains weight, they make guesses that there might be an alcohol problem or he/she is going for some therapy. Similarly, if a person loses weight, they may have an eating disorder or are on drugs. All this is just extremely demoralizing and de-motivating for the people who are involved and also for those who are going through the same struggle of encountering incidents of body shaming.

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Johan Hill tells everyone that you can work in Hollywood and be amazing at your job irrespective of your size. He is one of the funniest comedians and a commendable supporting actor in dramatic roles as he portrayed in films like Moneyball and The Wolf of Wall Street. His success proves that body shape or size is not his weakness. 

Currently, he is working on his future projects which include one directing project and besides that, he’ll be seen in Adam McKay’s next Don’t Look Up. The lead actors in the film are Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence. Along with Hill in the supporting role, we’ll also see Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Chris Evans, Mark Rylance, and many others.   

All the best to Johan for dealing with all these things. Stay tuned with us and stay updated.


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