As we reach the 38th anniversary of his death, John Belushis‘ enduring presence has never faded. His legacy will be more strengthened and honored in R.J this season in Cutler’s latest documentary on Showtime, Belushi. The film’s first trailer gives the comedian and performer a straightforward image of him through unseen audiotapes, work photos, and interviews with friends and relatives.

What is the story of this documentary?

Belushi was born in Wheaton, Illinois. He became because of his enduring influence on the world of entertainment. He is well-known even after his tragic death in 1982.

To better say Belushi’s life story, late star audio is interspersed with Judy Belushi’s wife interviews, Dan Aykroyd, the fellow Blues Brother; Jim Belushi, new brother, and Lorne Michaels, Head of Saturday Night Living.

Showtime released the trailer for Belushi, a documentary that will explore the success and early death of the Animal House star. John Belushi was one of Saturday’s seven original casting members and continues to be a householder with the classical qualities of his sketches and the personality of his life.

More about the documentary

Belushi will be premiered on Showtime on November 22 at 9 pm. The documentary will show us Belushi’s early life, his growth in the industry, and how he battled with the habit of drugs.

The film is led by R.J.Cutler, who has been credited with political films such as The War Room and A Great Choice, Oscar candidates, and the loving teenagers if I’ve been with Chloë Grace Moretz later. From the showtime below you can see the trailer:

A feature is long overdue on one of the most beloved musicians of all time. This, ideally, will adequately preserve the memory of Belushi. Pisano attacked other biographies surrounding the actor including Wired’s biopic, which also co-star Dan Aykroyd denounces from Belushi’s Blues Brothers.

Cutler’s documentary promises to depict the iconic artist with Pisano’s approval and guidance, rather than sensationalize his relapse or solely compliment his technical achievement.


Belushi’s co-stars and partners have interviewed Cutler in SNL. The name that interviewed him includes Lorne Michaels, Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Jim Belushi John Landis, Harold Ramis, and Ivan Reitman.

Carrie Fisher’s audio was also found by the director and not heard videos. The documentary is the first film on the life of Belushi, authorized by Judy Belushi Pisano, his beloved widow.

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