Johnny Depp’s legal team vows to appeal libel verdict


The Sun newspaper had alleged the 57-year-old actor of beating his wife who had assaulted then-spouse Amber Heard and his defamation accusation against the publication was dismissed in London’s High Court. Therefore, Johnny Depp would be taking further action as he is not happy with the statement passed and in his libel case, his lawyers have now vowed to appeal his bewildering loss against the publication.

Jenny Afia of Schillings said that it is necessary for Depp to appeal this decision, considering the fact that the judgment given is so flawed. However, Judge Andrew Nicol said that 12 allegations out of the 14 mentioned were true whereas the other two had not been fully proven as yet. According to him, these allegations were substantially true that were made by The Sun’s newspaper.

There was then a response hitting the judicial system as the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor’s legal team insisted the judge in full force as they felt a massive amount of counter-evidence was disregarded against the Danish Girl star’s testimony. On the other hand, Amber wishes for a more fair hearing with both parties providing full disclosure.


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