Joker 2: A successful smiling face is on the screens. All the Updates you look for!


After the Global success of Movie Joker which made its First Debut in 2019, starring Joaquin Phoenix who gained a lot of popularity in the character of Joker where his transformation from a normal being to a Psycho Killer is shown. 

Joker is said to be the First R-Rated movie to make 1$ Billion at the Box Office and the tomato meter gave 68% rotten tomatoes to this movie. Joker is an American Psychological Thriller Film produced and directed by Todd Phillips and the screenplay co-written by Scott Silver. The movie is based on DC Comic Characters.


When we talk about the release of Joker 2, we would like to tell you about what made the Manufacturers think of making a sequel, it was the audience’s immense love who after the premiere of the First part was curious about if and when the second part will be releasing.

 No certain date or month of release has been announced by the team of Joker 2. But yes the Release is most probably delayed due to the Covid-19 outbreak, as the film production had stopped due to the same . There are some speculations that Joker 2 might hit the Big screens somewhere around October 2021.

So, when everything goes back to normal we can expect the exact date of release to be announced, which we hope is going to be soon.

Joker 2: A successful smiling face is on the screens. All the Updates you look for!


Well, the assumption is that no one would want to hear any other names for the star cast of Joker 2, with Joaquin Phoenix after the prize-winning performance being the JOKER in the first part, he lived the character exceptionally well, so the casting might not be changed except a few alterations. 

The Expected cast might include Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck as the lead character just like the previous movie, Sophie Dumond as Frances Conroy, Investigator Burke as Costs Camp, Detective Garrity as Glen Fleshler, Gary as Josh Pais, Hoyt Vaughn as Rocco Luna, GiGi Dumond as Marc Maron and GUfland as Sondra James.


Here we will be giving an Expected storyline of Joker 2, as per inside sources, the movie might begin in Arkham Hospital where Arthur had murdered his Doctor and was dancing to his glory. In the first part we had all seen that Joker was doing everything by himself, by everything we mean killing or doing psychotic deeds, but it is expected in part 2 that he might employ some people to fulfill his evil intentions thus creating chaos in City of Gotham. It will be exciting to see how he executes his evil plans. 

Let’s see what the sequel has in store for its Fans but rest assured it is going to be one of the best sequels till now as the Joker fans already know about the blockbuster performances in part 1 which have a huge fan following and now the second part is also going to blow your minds off.

That’s all for today about Joker 2 which shows us a happy face.

So definitely watch the movie when it is released and we will keep you posted with all the latest updates, till then stay safe and stay tuned.

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