JOKER 2 : All the Information Of Interesting Storyline of the Season


Joker 2 is the upcoming American sequel film to the original film of Joker which is directed and produced by Todd Phillips. The genre will stick obviously to psychological thriller only. The first installment has received massive success on major box office which was 31st highest grossing film across the globe. 

The film got more recognized for the performance of Phoenix who got best Actor Award at the Oscar Awards, Golden Globe and BAFTA Award functions. Because of such massive success gained from critics and audience, the production unit has left the option to launch a new sequel for their fans across the globe. So let’s move towards the information related to the film Joker 2!


Season 2 will start from where the Season 1 was ended.  The season 1 was ended showing Arthur cracking a joke by sharing the joke with his psychiatrist and runs off by leaving bloodied footprints. 

The season 2 might start with Arthur who may break out of the mental hospital and get transformed into a villain by remaining as protagonist as he might had killed the psychiatrist who was treating him. Arthur here might take help of Murray who is alive surprisingly. There is hard to say who will be the antagonist of Arthur in the second installment as there is no official trailer released and leaks are not there to expect more about the season 2. So fans has to remain with some expectations of the season 2 till the movie get released.

JOKER 2 : All the Information Of Interesting Storyline of the Season


As we know, no formal release date is proclaimed by the creator of the Joker 2. As per sources and leaks, the fans might expect the release date of second installment on the month of October, 2021. So the fans have to hold their eagerness for whole one year.


Many of the main characters will remain same in the second installment.
As obvious, the main protagonist will be Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck/Joker. The other main characters are Robert De Niro as Murray Franklin and Zazie Beetz as Sophie Dumond. 

The rest of the supporting characters are too many in numbers which hard to include here. Some will make entry or cameo and other will not as there are also chances of new characters as we might expect it. 


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