Joker 2 Complete Details On Release Date, Cast, Storyline And Everything We Know So Far


Because of its success the people expect the 2019 edition of “Joker,” with Joaquin Phoenix. After conducting a sluggish business in the beginning, the violence that embraced pop culture films gained great international support and notoriety. A second chapter and some unresolved concerns in the universe of Joker and DC now surface.

In 1981, Gotham City, a party clown lives with his mother, Penny, and an aspiring comic named Arthur Fleck. The film tells about how Arthur is transformed into a villain who splits the town in half and creates disturbances throughout the entire city. Finally, Arthur acknowledges all of the atrocities he did at the concert of Murray Franklin and even shot him in the head for his criticism of Joker. He was seen after all the madness he caused, and his psychiatrist might have been killed in Arkham State Hospital.

Joker 2 Complete Details On Release Date

The sequence of this film has not been officially announced or confirmed. However, the second portion of this trillion dollar film was co-written with Todd Phillips, Joker Director, in May of this year through certain sources.

Well, it’s no surprise that Warner Bros took the golden chance to make a sequel to this billion-dollar smash movie, but for the next two years it will have a very full calendar. Several DC films, such as The Suicide Squad, Batman, The Flash, Aquaman 2 in 2022 Shazam! Fury of The Gods in 2023, will be released this year. No date or schedule was mentioned for the Joker 2 release, so should we anticipate it to be released in 2023, or even sooner? You never know! You never know!

Joker 2 Complete Details On Cast Members

Most of us expect the famed Joker that is not yet certified, Joaquin Phoenix. Zazie Beetz’s Sophie Dumond might return since we were told she didn’t die. Then we got Robert De Niro and Frances Conroy who played Murray and Penny but were killed by Arthur in cold blood. So they’re not going to go back, and it is solid.

Joker 2 Complete Details On Storyline

Arthur was (apparently) arrested and placed in the Arkham State Hospital where he received therapy when the riots occurred throughout Gotham City. That ends shortly, though, as he dances in the corridor with bloody trails. Now, it pushes us to think he probably also murdered the doctor.

We don’t know the timeframe for the film that takes place when we reach the probable storyline; it may stay in one year or take a huge jump in the future. If we talk about the future, then we might also talk about Gotham being a criminal capital which cannot be controlled without Batman’s aid.

Unfortunately, his identity and potential had not been understood by Batman. It’s also conceivable that Joker would lose his hospital with the assistance of a prisoner (who may be a new comic character) and take over his newly created army. It could be exciting to see!

It is not easy to interpret the sort of film with simple facts at hand. It may be an anthology or a real successor. A tale and a completely new character would demand an anthology, while the story of Arthur will continue, where he was seen doing more crimes and discovering his evil side.

Although the sequel would make the public more adaptable to accept the movie, they want to know what Arthur carves his future. The two alternatives entail equal dangers. But we’re still not sure of anything, let’s not jump to conclusions.


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