Jonah Hill Shows Off His Slimmed Down Appearance At Bat Mitzvah With Sister Beanie Feldstein


Hey readers! We assume that you are curious to read this update because of Jonah Hills. Right?

Well, we know the intuition, as he is not just an actor but a director, producer, and comedian as well ans so who doesn’t want to know the insights.

As a matter of fact, we got the info that Jonah Hill has reduced his weight significantly in recent times.  He was working on reducing his weight since 2011. 

Recently on Instagram, he had posted his photo with his sister, actress Beanie Feldstein wherein,  he was wearing a white shirt with a brown suit and was looking very healthy and happy. 

Jonah Hill Weight Loss Journey Glimpse

If someone would have seen Jonah Hill during 2010 he is heavily weighted. And almost after a year in Toronto film festival, Hill was seen in a much slimmer figure. He had lost almost 40 pounds during that duration. He went through very strict training in which his food was only sushi. He was even trained in Jiu-Jitsu and martial arts. 

According to Jonah hill, it was very tough for him time. For his movie “War Dogs” in 2015, he again gained 40 pounds weight.

And now he is showing off his slimmed body in Bat Mitzvah. In a recent interview, Jonah Hill commented that it is mainly the food that he has taken care of. 

He had consulted a nutritionist who asked him to take control of his eating habits. Channing Tatum, who is a co-star in 21 Jump Street with Hill’s has also helped him in slimming down.

On that not, we wish him happy and healthy life ahead and will be eager to know more details for our viewers.

So fans, we are working for you, until then keep visiting us.


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