Jonas Pate, Creator And Executive Producer of Outer Banks Apologizes to Residents of South Carolina Town After Disruptive Filming


Jonas Pate, the creator, as well as executive producer of Outer Banks, apologizes after Mount Pleasant’s Old Village, complain about disruptive filming in the neighborhood. He wants to make things right after the residents of South Carolina Town neighborhood bombarded with complaints about the disruptive shooting of Outer Banks, which is Netflix adventure series.

Pate has now reached out to them and resolves the chaos. The filming began in September. According to the sources, the cast and the film members spent three continuous nights shooting a scene that included rain and lightning simulator.

The entire night, the crew kept strobing lights on houses windows and created noises to give an effect of lightening. It ruined the sleep of all the residents down the block. So they raised their voices against the filming.

What did the residents say?

A working mother named Shana Inman, who also has four kids, complained that the screaming, bright lights, loud machinery, as well as explosions kept her awake until 5 a.m. Another resident Chris Colman stated that the crew was trying to put wires in his trees, and the film permit does not allow the film team to violate the entire town.

Pate took all these complaints of the neighborhood to his heart and said that it is tough to do something like this where nobody will applaud you for your work. He also added that the crew of the film is sensitive to the residents, and it feels personal to them. He also said that the loud filming in the village was an unfortunate and unusual event regarding the households who were disturbed.

As per our research, the Outer Bank series is being shot in more secluded areas on James Island, Johns Island, or in the water. Pate continued that the big scene needed lightning strikes, and he knows that it can be jarring to anyone, and he understands why the residents of South Carolina Town are upset.

He completely agrees that it was the crew’s mistake, and as per the policy, he feels that the show is at fault for not distributing at least two fliers in advance of the filming. He also took the blame on them and said that it is their fault if they missed someone. Pate is ready to correct the mistake, and now they are aware and will do better next time.

Final Words

After the complaints, compensation was given to the residents of South Carolina Town. The second season of Outer Banks is still in progress. Another scene on the downtown peninsula would be shot this month, and the show is making sure people in the affected area know about it. We hope this doesn’t ruin the series filming and viewers on Netflix.

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