Josephine Langford of the After series is a huge Star Wars fan


The After series was penned by Anna Todd and was first shared on a mobile story-sharing platform which is home to both original stories and fanfiction. Eventually, it was made into a hugely popular film series. The romance between Tessa and Hardin was allegedly at least partly inspired by Harry Styles. But the book series, which has become a bestseller, has grown far beyond what even the author must have imagined.

After We Collided is the greatly anticipated sequel to the film After from last year. Leading star Josephine Langford, when asked about her own favoured pop culture franchise, totally geeked out about Star Wars.

She said, “Star Wars. Yeah, I cried – I still cry if I watch The Force Awakens trailer. You know, midnight premiere, walking up the streets with my friend with lightsabers and all the cars would pass, we would just (whooshing noises)”.

Langford isn’t joking and is obviously as big a fan as she makes out to be. The trailer for The Force Awakens was a huge moment for fans as it was the first film that came out after many, many years. Between that and the mentions of the premiere, it is easy to pick her out as a true fan and obviously it only makes us love her all the more.

So, it would be very interesting to watch her play a new character in the Star Wars universe. She even has a small connection with the films, her older sister Katherine Langford having worked with Rian Johnson in Knives Out. It’s a tiny connection, sure, but much more than many get!

However, she will be tied up with the rest of the After series in the near future and is probably going to have other exciting roles after the steamy romance series is over. Maybe Star Wars will be on the cards at some point? One can only wait and watch.


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