Josh Brolin Only Agreed To Play Thanos Because He Fights All The Avengers



  • Josh Brolin says that he played the role of Thanos because all avengers were against him.
  • He would have rejected the role if he was fighting against only one Avenger.
  • After signing up for the role, the company gave him a book that stated the character details.

Inside Story

Thanos played by Josh Brolin is the most bad-ass villain of all time. It took him only a second to wipe out half of the universe. But did you know that Josh Brolin took this role because he fought against all the Phase 3 superheroes? If not, then continue reading this article to find out what he has to say to the Marvel fans.

Brolin first appeared in a cameo in Guardian of the Galaxies. He was also spotted in the mid-credits scene for Avengers: Age of Ultron. He also appeared as Cable in Deadpool 2. Then he became the lead antagonist in the Infinity War and Endgame and hunted down all the infinity stones.

Recently, at podcastDeakins team, he disclosed to legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins and his wife, James that wouldn’t have taken the role if he only fought against an Avenger. After signing up for the role, Brolin received a character bible where they mentioned that Thanos would fight against all the Avengers. 

When he first signed for the role, it was just a small cameo. But later on, he was handed a huge character bible of the character. He read everything and loved it. He said that he wouldn’t have played the role, but he likes the aspect of Avengers against Thanos.

His comment reveals the character was never built to tackle all the superheroes from the start. It also shows that the company was not sure to stick to those plans from the start.

Marvel Studios gave itself a chance and signed him in Guardian of the Galaxies. Later on, the film turned out good, and he was called back for other appearances. Brolin was also not keen on portraying a smaller villain in a Marvel film.

He was waiting for the biggest villain role to make his debut. In Infinity War, his wish came true, and he got to play the biggest villain in Marvel history and a superhero film to date. 


Brolin’s choice was good, but what would have happened, if he had turned down the role? Who would have taken the role, and what would be the two-part film look like without him?

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