Jumanji’s Jack Black reunites with co-star Kevin Hart for Borderlands movie

Courtesy: Yahoo Movies UK

It’s going to be interesting to see Kevin Hart and Jack Black sharing the screen together in their upcoming Borderless adaptations. It must be a great time for Jack to starring alongside Kevin in the new Jumanji series. 

This reunion of the two all-time favourite stars is definitely going to be a real attraction for the fans this time! According to the media sources, Kevin and Cate Blanchett had already been cast on the big screen and now the same project has been signed by Jack Black too. This news is a very exciting one for the huge fan base of Jack Black who can now expect to see their superhero in near future in the Borderlands adaptations. 

This time in the movie Black is assigned to take up the character of a sarcastic robot named Claptrap. This is going to be a blockbuster of this season delighting the fans and the director of the movie- Eli Roth as well! Roth himself is also very excited to work with Jack again, this time having him in abroad. He had also worked with him earlier in The House with a Clock in its Wall in 2018. 

At that time Black and Blanchett were the leading actors in the movie which gained huge popularity among the public. Roth said ”I am so excited to reunite with Jack this time in the recording booth”. His statement reveals his enthusiasm this time while directing the Borderlands movie. According to Roth Claptrap is the funniest character of the whole movie and no other actor could have fit so perfectly well for this role as Jack do!

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Nathan Kahane also shown his excitement saying that the entire team was ‘thrilled’ with the news that Jack is taking up Claptrap’s role. He said that they could not have been more in sync with our filmmakers. And also the casting executives as we approached this role. This indicates that the entire team is happy with Claptrap’s role taken up by Jack! Everyone believes that Jack is going to add a lot more comic to the movie. 

His endless energies are definitely going to bring a big success to the film. Jack as Claptrap is heartily welcomed by the fans who consider him to be the perfect one for the role. All this adds to the ever-growing excitement and thrill in the fans who are eagerly waiting to witness Jack and the other actors soon on the big screen!


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