Juno: 5 humorous Quotes (& 5 extremely Heartbreaking)

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  • Heartbreaking: “It Ended With A Chair.”

After Vanessa’s falling out alongside Mark, Juno knew that Vanessa would yet be a wonderful mom and informed her that the newborn would yet be hers. Once the newborn arrived into the world, Juno started that It ceased with a chair. It exhibited the cradling chair Vanessa retains in her nursery. She had organized that for her lovely newborn. 

  • Humorous: “I Try Really Hard, Actually.”

Juno is unwilling to persevere a connection as a result of concern that the things between them won’t go well in case they are in a relationship.

Subsequent to a quick falling out, Juno ultimately acknowledges in front of Paulie that she has affection towards him, she stated that he is the coolest man she recollects and the man doesn’t even come forward and attempts. Paulie rectifies her statement and says that he honestly strives extremely hard.

  • Heartbreaking

The film accomplishes an incredible task of never rua regular plots like Juno unexpectedly preferring to conserve the newborn for her. As soon as she decides to lend the newborn up, she couldn’t conclude the decision. 

Nonetheless, the film similarly doesn’t shy off from the importance of Juno delivering a newborn. As soon as the newborn comes out and arrives into this world, Mac solaces his daughter in the infirmary. He ensures her that she would be in this spot similarly, yet on her own terms.

  • Craziest

Simmons becomes an excellent dad identity in the film. Mac’s response to this circumstance appears as a father who is confronting a tricky event yet needs to be corroboratory of his girl. 

As soon as he knows that she is pregnant, Mac calmly vows to “kick that lad in the wiener” anytime he meets him. Fortunately for Paulie, Mac agreed not to maintain that pledge.

  • Heartbreaking: “If I Have To Wait For You To Become Kurt Cobain, I’m Never Going To Be A Mother.”

As soon as Mark discloses that he isn’t prepared to be a dad, the connections of the duo unexpectedly change. Mark presently seems just a careless creep when Vanessa is somebody who desires to be a mum yet is stuck pausing for her companion to evolve.

  • Craziest: “Desperately Seeking Spawn.”

Juno agrees that she needs to give birth to the newborn and lend it to a duo who is incapable to bring into the world a kid of their own. As it is courageous thinking, Juno isn’t aware of any way to find a duo such as this one.

Leah calls the duo with the attractive yet not completely complimentary title of “Desperately seeking spawn.”

  • Saddening

While coming back to residence subsequent to noticing the verge of that grown-up connection, Juno has a different viewpoint on her own existence. Juno stated that she never comprehends how much she likes being home until she has been around really unique for a while.

  • Humorous scene: “And Paulie Is Actually Great… In Chair.”

As soon as Juno discloses that Paulie is the dad, Mac is shocked and stated that he didn’t believe he possessed it in himself. Yet, Juno stood up for Paulie, rightfully stating to her dad that he was incredible “in the chair.”

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  • Sad scene: “I Don’t Know What Kind Of Girl I Am.”

He reveals that he believed she was the sort of girl who “understood when to tell when” yet Juno concedes and stated that she doesn’t understand what sort of girl she is presently.

  • Humorous: “That Ain’t No Etch-A-Sketch. This Is One Doodle That Can’t Be Un-Did, Homeskillet.”

As Rann Wilson was rendering a name for himself as Dwight Schrute on the sitcom series The Office, he created a tiny but humorous cameo at the initial scene of Juno. He pretends to be Rollo, an unusual landlord of an amenity shop wherein Juno purchases numerous pregnancy tests.


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