Jurassic Park Has Always Undervalued Dinosaurs’ Worth


Whenever you will be asked to find out a common thing in Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, the answer will both the projects share the same problem and the problem is that their characters don’t undervalue the worth of Dinosaurs. 

What’s the matter?

We all know that Jurassic Park’s management understands the bringing of Dinosaurs back from their extinction. The question they are facing is that they always have undervalued the entity of the same Dinosaurs and that’s not fit well.

 The idea behind reviving of the dinosaurs is the results of several mindsets, whether it is from Michael Chrichton’s book and Steven Speilberg’s 1993 movie or the output of capturing the imaginations of thousands of around the world, along with applying the idea of genetic engineering. These factors collectively make the existence of the dinosaurs and even several extinct species.

More about the matter

The biggest challenge for scientists in reviving the Dinosaurs is the lack of necessary technologies and scientific researches. Dr. Ian Malcolm raised a question on the creator of The Jurassic Park John Hammond that his team had not done any research on Dinosaurs. They just took away what all others have done already. 

They didn’t even earn the discoveries that they are claiming theirs, they were running to achieve the dream without even perceiving the consequences they will face.

John is not alone in the race to achieve the dream, Ingen’s rival genetics company, and Biosyn is also in it. He was too interested to know about the Dinosaurs hence they put Dennis Nedry on work to steal the embryos for a free.

Nedry agreed to work for Lewis Dodgson because he was having financial troubles so he needed the money. His work was to sneak the dinosaur embryos off Isla Nublar for $ 1.5 million, which would help the Biosyn catch up the 10 years long research.

Jurassic World: the Fallen Kingdom came up with the same issue when Eli Mills, assistant of Benjamin Lockwood, Mills sold off the surviving dinosaurs from the Jurassic World Park. He was also connected to black-market dealer Gunnar Eversolle in this shady business.

 But Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom made the same mistake for undervaluing the Dinosaurs’ worth. They sold an Ankylosaurus for $10 million, a Stegosaurus for $11.6 million, and a Baryonyx for $21 million along with the Indoraptor, a genetically-modified Dinosaur who was created to follow the commands and target accordingly was sold for just $ 41 million.


We need to wait to know whether the creators will make the same mistake in the sequel ot they will come with some different ideas.

 Stay safe and stunned for more details on this topic.


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