Justice League: Affleck Shares New Photo of Batman and a Massive Gun


With Snyder exiting from the franchise, the Justice League film (you can watch the trailer of the movie here-

released without him did not do as well as many hoped. Now as Snyder is back, we are sure to notice some major changes and the director himself has confirmed the speculations.

And as per update, Zack Snyder’s Justice League will premiere exclusively on HBO Max in 2021.The upcoming film is called the “Snyder Cut” and is supposed to present a whole new plot twist. As more and more sneak peeks of the film are being released, more we become clear of the changes.

Ben Affleck, the actor who is playing the role of Superman, recently shared on his instagram page a picture of Batman holding a machine gun firing off a huge set of beams. 

Though the target is not pictured in the image, one thing is clear; we will not be seeing the Batman who doesn’t kill the bad guy. You can see the post for yourself here-


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Zach Snyder has also directed the 2016 hit Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. In that film we saw how our favorite superheroes were turned against each other but Lex Luthor. 

At the end, Superman dies and in the last instalment of Justice League he was revived by Batman. We are not sure how he is brought back this time.

Let’s hope for the more twist in the story. And on that note, stay tuned with us for progressive updates.

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