Justice League: Ray Fisher reaffirms Joss Whedon accusations are true

Courtesy: Entertainment Weekly

Ray Fisher spoke out about Joss Whedon again amidst new allegations against the director from Buffy and Angel star Charisma Carpenter.

Justice League star Ray Fisher reaffirmed his Joss Whedon accusations on Twitter. Whedon took over for Zack Snyder on the 2017 film after Snyder left during post-production. Fisher first spoke out against Whedon’s onset behavior during the summer of 2020, alleging that the director was abusive and unprofessional to various cast and crew on the film. Fisher continued speaking out at Justice Con in July 2020, saying that he’d been building his case since filming had wrapped.

Eventually, Warner Bros. responded to Fisher’s allegations, but the problem seems to have run much deeper than that. Fisher alleged that Geoff Johns, the president of DC Films during Justice League’s production, enabled Whedon’s onset behavior and continued to cover it up. The Cyborg actor’s allegations also accused current DC Films president Walter Hamada of assisting the cover-up. An investigation resulted in vague disciplinary action that seemed to gloss over the very real issues at hand.

With the impending release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, as well as the new allegations leveled against Whedon, Fisher has spoken out again on Twitter. The actor asserts that he has yet to be sued by Whedon or those Fisher alleged to be part of the cover up, because they know his allegations are true. In addition to Whedon, Fisher names Johns, Hamada, Toby Emmerich, and Jon Berg.

Fisher’s claims come after Charisma Carpenter, who worked with Whedon for years on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, gave detailed claims about Whedon’s treatment of her during her time on those shows. Carpenter specifically cites Fisher as one of the reasons why she spoke out against the director again. A slew of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel actors have voiced support for Carpenter, including Sarah Michelle Gellar and Michelle Trachtenberg.

Courtesy: Screen Rant

Despite Fisher first coming forward with his allegations in July 2020, the saga has been drawn out over the last few months. Fisher has continued to speak out and fans have rallied around the actor to support him in bringing forward the claims. It was recently announced that Fisher had been removed from 2022 film The Flash, in which he was expected to have a prominent role. Fisher has continued to stick by his claims, saying that it’s worth losing the role as long as the truth is brought to light. Conversely, Fisher has had nothing but good things to say about Snyder and his onset practices – the actor even said he would return to the DCEU to work with Snyder. Unfortunately, Snyder’s return to Justice League seems to be the last of his work in the DCEU and it seems that this saga with Whedon will be ongoing as people continue to come forward with allegations.


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