Justice League Snyder cut trailer with new music make more tonal sense

Justice League Snyder cut trailer
Justice League Snyder cut trailer

Fan edits are creating wonders these days, previously we have heard of some fan-made posters and now some newly edited trailers are creating more sense than the originals it seems.

Recently, A fan edited the Justice league’s Snyder Cut trailer and added some music to it and critics are of the view that this new piece of edit is winning more hearts than the original Snyder’s version of the Justice League trailer. It makes more tonal sense, they say.

The league recently was seen celebrating its third anniversary. And after years of Fans awaiting for the Snyder’s version of the series, the production house is all set to release it on HBO Max as a four-part miniseries. Fans are currently looking over the significant differences between the trailer. The main one is in the form of the song where Hallelujah has been used in replacement of Gary Clark Junior’s Come Together from the 2017 version of the trailer.

Justice League Snyder cut trailer
Justice League Snyder cut trailer

It was stated that Hallelujah’s significance was beyond just the movie. The song signifies a lot of things for both Snyder and his fans, it had some crazy feel good celebration vibes as the movie will finally hit the big screens after long years of wait. And fans cannot thank the new trailer editor enough!

The Come together version was also undoubtedly very good but Hallelujah has a separate emotional suite. Also, Music has always been an interesting part of the film’s story. We cannot wait anymore for the new version, our patience curve has become stagnant. We want the release day to come soon!


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