Justice League has a completely unique and different fan base. It is always fun to see the Justice League save the day with Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman at the helm along with a few more superheroes. Among so many Justice League comics, series (live-action and cartoon), and movies, fans have always been a bit more attracted to the original Justice League version of Zack Synder.

The fans had been asking for a director’s cut version of the Zack Synder Justice League and their wish was fulfilled when DC announced that they are making the movie happen and even released a trailer for the same in August, 20202. Now the trailer has got a new avatar. Want to find out all about it? Well then read on.


The new trailer was released on Youtube on 16th October, 2020 via the John Stratman Youtube channel. There is nothing new in the content of the new trailer it is just that the picture is in the 16-bit format of animation which means that the whole content is in the form of retro video games! The fans were excited by the previous trailer; they are going crazy with the new one.

Many fans are saying that their whole childhood memories came back to them when they saw the trailer. The new trailer has so far received more than 11k views and 1.4k likes which clearly shows the love of the fans for the upcoming movie.

The movie “Zack Synder’s Justice League” is scheduled to be released in 2021 on HBO Max. The fans can hardly wait for the release of the movie after watching these spectacular trailers.

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