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DC Comics has recently released a trailer of the Justice Society: World War II which is an animated film showing the Golden age of their heroes in action. There is also an appearance of flash too which was completely unexpected.

The Justice Society: World War II is an upcoming animated superhero film by DC which will show some of the superheroes from the comic fighting in the movie. DC is planning to release a numerous other show also like Batman: The Long Halloween. DC is planning to release movies in 2021, though as of now we do not have the numbers but we will update you soon as we get to know about them. The last comic movie  was Superman: Man of Tomorrow and Batman: Soul of the Dragon.

Though it is one of the original superhero team, the justice League characters are not much flown in the social media. Even the Justice Society of America does not use it much in the media we don’t know why.


As it is an animated movie, we are not expecting any real life start to be working in it so far. Though there will be some of the great superheroes characters of DC like Wonder Woman, Hourman, Black Canary, Hawkman, Jay Garrick and Steve Trevor. There are some of the vital characters like Alan Scott and Wildcat which might not been portrayed in the movie.

Courtesy: Screen Rant

Don’t skip to watch out the trailer here, 

The trailer shows the team fighting for justice in a war. The team also shows modern day flash who jumps back to time and get together with the team in the fight.

the trailer seems to show a strong and actual representation of the responsibility of justice society. Fighting for justice is and bringing together the whole team is something that the heroes do. there are some of the interesting dialogues too in the trailer.

It looks like the movie is great treat to watch. Let’s see how it goes after the movie gets released. In the meantime, watch out the other DC movies available in OTT platforms.


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