Justin Bieber: Planning Kids? Here’s What Hailey Bieber Wants


The couple Justin and Hailey first came together as a couple in December 2015 and then split in January 2016. They again made headlines with their reconciliation in May 2018.

Bieber made an announcement on November 23, 2018, that he and Hailey were already married now. Although an official ceremony took place only on September 30, 2019, in Bluffton, South Carolina. 

Later on, it was reported by sources that they had originally obtained a marriage certificate in September 2018 only. Reportedly they had a civil marriage way before announcing it officially. Since their wedding couple has been surrounded by questions about further family plans.

Well! Without any doubt, Justin is very keen on starting a family soon. Recalling his statement from 2011 where he mentioned that he’d like to be a young parent its evident that he is now living the future he dreamt of.

Justin Bieber: Planning Kids? Here’s What Hailey Bieber Wants

He said he wants to see herself as married and looking after a family by the time he is 25 or 26. Even Hailey mentioned that she has always had plans to be a young parent. She said she wants to have teenage kids by the time she is 40. It’s adorable to see how the couple has the same goals for the family.

During his recent appearance in The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Justin faced a segment of “Burning Questions” in which he answered questions about starting a family and how many kids does the couple intends to have in the long run. 

He mentioned that he does want to be a parent soon and eventually, it will happen in a couple of years but how many kids will they bring to this world is a question that he would completely leave on Hailey as it’s her body and she must get to decide on that. 

In an Instagram video, Bieber was seen saying the most likely the couple will have kids after his return from the upcoming tour. To which Hailey replied, “potentially, eventually, in a couple of years”.

Believe me, it was an absolute loving moment when he posted a picture of couple and captioned “Love dates with you baby. One day I’ll be going daddy-daughter dates.” But he also didn’t forget to mention “I am in no rush; I just want you to enjoy by yourself for a while.”

There is no confirmed news on any kids being born any soon but as soon as we have any information from our sources we will definitely be back to give you all information.




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