Justin Roiland confirmed the arrival of Rick And Morty season 5


Rick And Morty, is an adult animated television series. The same has already released four phenomenal seasons. All of them have garnered rave reviews and are trending on streaming channel Netflix too. The fifth season is rumored to drop in 2020. We are here with all the necessary updates released to the show. 

Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland created a masterpiece in the form of an adult science fiction animated sitcom named Rick And Morty. It was made for Cartoon Network’s late-night broadcast. The tv-series is about scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith who encounter misadventure but end-up with solving the experiments gone wrong. They together split the time between the present and in interdimensional other. 

Release date for Rick And Morty Season 5: 

The television series has been picked up from straight seventy episode shows with no series or whatsoever. The same was revamped and launched in different segments. The rumors circulating the release date updates state that the show would air in 2020. However, the pandemic has brought delays in many projects. Thus, Rick And Morty Season 5 is highly speculated to hit the floors by mid-2021. There are no official announcements made till now about the release date. 

Justin Roiland confirmed the arrival of Rick And Morty season 5

The cast of Rick And Morty Season 5 

Rick and Morty can’t be imagined without Justin Roiland’s voice. The tech-filled voice adds zing to the characters. The humor undoubtedly doubles itself. The remaining cast is likely to remain the same with not much change. There are high chances of introducing new characters in the upcoming season. The characters that will repeat this time too are: Sarah Chalke will lend her voice for Beth and her clone. Chris Parnell will voice the character of Jerry. 

Spencer Grammer will once again be the voice for Summer. The rumors believe as Rick And Morty are dealing with the multiverse, there could be an entrance of Kanye West in the show. 

The plot of Rick and Morty Season 5: 

In all the previous seasons of Rick And Morty, the plot focused on the time travel and interdimensional adventures of the central characters.

 In the last season, we saw, Rick, violating the time travel rule. Well, in season 5, it is anticipated that the first few episodes will be showing the consequence of the time travel violation rule but towards the end, Rick And Morty will return to their time travel sequence. Intriguing isn’t it! The creator of the show Justin Roiland confirmed on Instagram about the show. We are digging in for more details, but for now, that was all from our side. 



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