K3 Kali Ka Karishma Full Movie In Hindi Download Available with Full Details

K3 Kali Ka Karishma Full Movie In Hindi Download Available with Full Details

About the Movie K3 Kali Ka Karishma

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The Kanchana 3 is a coproduced, written and directed Christian action-comedy horror film in 2019 by Tamil Indian. This film is the star of Raghava Lawrence in dual performance with Ri Djavi Alexandra, Oviya, Vedhika and Nikki Tamboli. At the same time, the roles supporting Kovai Sarala, Soori, Tarun Arora and Kabir Duhan Singh.

The fourth instalment produced by Sun Pictures on the franchise of Muni and the third on the Kanchana series started development in October 2018 and was launched for mixed review on Good Friday. Subsequently, the movie in Hindi was called K3: Kaali Ka Karishma.

K3 Kali Ka Karishma Full Movie In Hindi Download Available with Full Details

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K3 Kali Ka Karishma Movie Plot Details

The fantastic Raghava and his happy family, made up of his mother, brother, lawyer and daughter, took up a function for their family and there witnessed strange and frightful incidents in the home of their grandparents, as well as Raghava’s possession, the entire family, including the Raghava cousins Priya, Kovya and Divya. The events that followed go back to another character called Kaali.

Kaali is a social worker who runs an ashram to provide refuge and nourishment for the needy. He also helped in the study of disadvantaged young people. One day, Shankar, the Minister’s brother, a politician named Bhavani, enters the ashram of Kaali. In his ashram, which is black money, he asks for a total of 100 crores, and returned 80 crores, and kept twenty crores to finance his ashram.

If Kaali refuses to kill the disabled innocent of Kaali, he sends his men, angering Kaali. He then goes on to threaten and eventually kill Bhavani’s shrimp. Shankar is furious and plans to kill Kaali when Bhavani is murdered. Shankar appoints a lorry and crushes them both when Rosie and Kaali ride a bike. Rosie dies, and Kaali dies, watching his ashram’s video and the fire’s supporters.

The Raghava possessed is killing Shankar. But Shankar had already arranged the exorcists to quash Kaali, to his surprise (possessed Raghava). He kills Shankar and venges his death when he overtakes them.

K3 Kali Ka Karishma Full Movie In Hindi Download Available with Full Details

K3 Kali Ka Karishma Movie Cast Details

  • Raghava Lawrence in a dual role is both Raghava and Kaali
  • Oviya is Kavya, Raghava’s cousin
  • Vedhika is Priya, Raghava’s cousin
  • Nikki Tamboli is Divya, Raghava’s cousin
  • Ri Djavi Alexandra is Rosie, Kaali’s love interest
  • Kovai Sarala is Raghava’s mother
  • Devadarshini is Kamakshi, Raghava’s sister-in-law
  • Soori is Govindan, Kaali’s friend
  • Sriman is Raghava’s brother
  • Delhi Ganesh is Raghava’s grandfather
  • Tarun Arora is Minister Shankar
  • Kabir Duhan Singh is Bhavani, Shankar’s brother
  • Anupama Kumar is Radha, Kaali’s mother
  • Yuvasri Lakshmi is Pappa, Raghava’s niece
  • Bhanu Balasubramaniam is Raghava’s grandmother
  • Aathma Patrick is Murthy
  • “Myna” Nandhini is Durga
  • Sunitha Gogoi is Dhivya
  • Priyanka Nalkari is Moshika, Dhivya’s sister
  • Ashok Pandian is Dhivya and Moshika’s father
  • Meerabi is Dhivya and Moshika’s mother
  • R. N. R. Manohar is Shankar’s friend
  • Sampath Ram is Aghori
  • Ajay Ghosh is a corrupt cop

K3 Kali Ka Karishma Movie Production Details

At the bottom, Kaali and Rosie are seen to combine hands and walk together.

Raghava Lawrence announced after the success of Kanchana 2 (2015) that more films will continue in the horror-comedy series. A movie called Naaga was released in August 2015, and the film was stated to be the fourth in the Muni series. It was directed by himself. After this, Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva (2017) and Shivalinga (2017) were two more films he worked on.

In August 2017, Lawrence resurrected the project and announced that the script had been completed. Kovai Sarala, Manobala, Sriman and Devadarshini’s usual support cast have been retained. Sun Pictures, who recently released Enthiran (2010), has decided to make its film and mark its second film. At the end of September, Oviya was joined by the following actresses: Bigg Boss, Vedhika from the first movie, and newcomer Nikki Tamboli following her success with the Tamil truth.

The first week of October 2017 saw the film in Chennai. The costume designer for this movie, Nivetha Joseph. On Good Friday, the film was released in 2019.

K3 Kali Ka Karishma Full Movie In Hindi Download Available with Full Details

K3 Kali Ka Karishma Movie Music Details

Raghava Lawrence has also entered into an agreement with DooPaaDoo.com, operated by lyricist Madhan Karky. The film is seen to have songs from such independent directors through the DooPaaDoo.com website, with two songs from the film being composed by singer Saravedi Saran.

Sekar Sai Bharath, Jessie Samuel (who had sung one song before in the film Jarugandi), Bharath Madhusuthanan, and Raj Thillaiyampalam-Kapilan Kugavel duo are all composed of one song. Thaman, who had previously written for the previous movie Kanchana and Kanchana 2 by the director, composed the background music.

K3 Kali Ka Karishma Movie Response Details

At the box office, the film was successful. Good reviews were obtained from Wetalkiess. Critics have been critical of the dubbed Kannada version entitled Kanchana 3. South films companion wrote, “I’m a fan of comedy and horror in principle. I wish they had more writing worked. I can live in those films with the non-existent craft, but is it too much to ask a horror-comedy for some quality horror and comedy?”

People also had some amount of mixed reviews where most were positive, saying that the director did a great job at bringing such a great star cast together, and people enjoyed paying the money and getting its worth. Although people have mixed reviews about it, what one should look forward to in this movie will be the comic timing and screen presence, so expect a light-hearted film for your enjoyment. The movie also earned a good box office collection, so we cannot call it a flop, but it comes mainly in the intermediate zone.


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