Kaley Cuoco from The Flight Attendant reveals that she struggled with intimate scenes after her show The Big Bang Theory

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The Flight Attendant notices that Cassie, played by Kaley Cuoco, is up to all sorts of malaise – heavy drinking nights, casual sex, secret investigations, and a hotel near a dead body.

The actress admitted that she was apprehensive about sex scenes, as enjoyable as it sounds – mainly because she knew her comrade, Michiel Huisman, was shown. At the same time, she just came out of The Big Bang Theory, a family-friendly sitcom.

Kaley opened her way to how strange she found it when she appeared at the round table with the Hollywood reporter Jean Smart Watchmans, Lena Waithe, Shrill’s Aidy Bryant, The Incredibles’ Holly Hunter and How I Met Your Mother’s Cristin Milioti.

“I never had a sex scene of any kind, and I had a one with Michiel in the Flight Attendant,” she recounted. “He was in Game of Thrones, so all these sequences were done, and I simply didn’t know.

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“I’d be hanging over him as I was on a toilet when they shouted “cut.” I am like, ‘I touch nothing, I don’t see anything I’m like. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to do.” It was like, ‘You act so odd. [Michiel] was like,’ You weirder than it should be, in this way.” But I was out of my element completely.”

In addition, Cuoco mocked at some of the components of comedy production she missed, stating: “Where’s the crowd? Why doesn’t anybody laugh? I just need to clap folks around the clock for me.”

Cuoco also confirmed her recent statement that she’d played Penny gladly for years to come, but she’s absolutely okay because she knows she will consistently be recognised as Penny.

The attendant was rebooted for another season with some significant adjustments on the route to the thriller for the second season. Based on Chris Bohjalian’s same name book, Sky One and NOW are broadcasting in Great Britain on HBO Max in the United States. In addition, CBS broadcast the Big Bang Theory in the US.

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