Those who remember 8 Simple Rules will likely remember that Kaley’s Character, Briget, was a sassy teenager with a bent to be boy crazy. Given the character she played, the young actress naturally assumed that a more provocative sort of dress would be appropriate for this character. Lead actor John Ritter, who played Cuoco’s father on the series – didn’t accept as true with this interpretation.

Recently while giving a podcast interview, Kaley spoke with Dax Shepherd about her favorite interaction with Ritter. She went on to tell the story of the day she first met John on set.In the conversation she introduced herself to her co-star, letting him know that she would be playing his daughter. After taking a flash to digest her appearance, Cuoco says John took off his jacket and put it gently over her shoulders and asked her to refrain from dressing like this anymore.

“I played a touch hot 16-year-old, right? So i used to be dressed really sexy, thinking that’s what I should do, right? So John walks in, and he sees me, and I go, ‘Hi, I’m Kaley. I play your daughter.’ And he takes his jacket off and puts it over me and says, ‘Don’t ever dress like this again.” – Kaley Cuoco on Dax Shepherd’s Armchair Expert Podcast

Now 34, the previous explosion actress looks back fondly on this memory. She turned nostalgic about the fact that even early in their relationship, Ritter really did treat her as his own daughter. Sources report that Ritter filled the fatherly role vary naturally – and was protective of Kaley both on set and behind the scenes.


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