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Derek Dapper has recently returned home after spending a year in hospital battling the coronavirus which has proved to be very deadly since its arrival. Kate Garraway who is Good Morning Britain presenter as well as Derek’s wife chatted to Alastair Campbell, who once worked alongside Derek. Kate pointed out that even though her husband Derek has returned home in April, it wasn’t because of him getting better. ‘He’s very up and down. We’re certainly a long way out of the woods,’ Kate explained about her husband’s condition which is appearing to be very severe. She says that Derek’s communication is minimal and this is quite disheartening.

At the beginning of the show Alastair joked by mentioning Derek as “old man”. She said, “I know your old man incredibly well. Used to work with him, occasionally against him.”

To which Kate, 54, replied, “Yeah I’ve heard all the stories from him, I’ve heard all the stories, he’s warned me so I’m fully braced and prepared.”

After this Campbell went on to discuss Derek’s heath and his returning home. Kate clarified about Derek’s return by saying, “Not because he was better, no. And being home has meant we’ve seen some things improve.

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“Definitely having the family around, having the children around has provided stimulation and I think the problem is you latch on to the positives, which is good because you have to, but there’s absolutely no doubt that there’s huge challenges ahead.”

Derek is reported to battle covid-19 in the intensive care unit. He suffered from rare brain inflammation and the virus attacked his lungs, heart, kidneys, liver and pancreas, with doctors saying that Derek had the worst Covid infection of any surviving patient. There are very little chances of him getting better after his coronavirus recovery.

Good Morning Britain host Kate explained in her book, The Power of Hope, that doctors said they couldn’t yet chart Derek’s recovery as they had ‘never seen anything like this before so can’t personally chart the recovery’. While he has been able to speak a few words to Kate and their kids Darcey, 15, and Billy, 11, since returning home, Kate admitted that her husband is still ‘devastated’ by the effects of Covid.

Kate Garraway told Good Morning Britain: “He can’t really move; his communication is very minimal. There are moments when there’s up, in those moments you feel you know he’s in there. He has a lot of memories.

“But the access to it is very limited. So how is he? He’s a long way from the Derek Draper that you know, but he’s home and he’s alive and he’s asleep now.”

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