Kate McKinnon breaks character on Saturday Night Live and somehow makes it even better


The ‘Weekend Update’ for Saturday Night Live was not very subtle in its callouts to Trump and his decision to leave the hospital without being completely cured of COVID-19.

Kate McKinnon got to play a part in one of the comedic scenes, dressing up in doctor’s gear, moustache and wig to play Dr. Wenowdis (which is supposed to be pronounced as we-know-dis).

Things got a little out of control when she leaned over to check the blood pressure of the ‘Weekend Update’ host, Colin Jost.

She certainly broke character and lost the plot a little. Not surprising, when expected to sing the words “blood pressure” and make squeaky noises with a medical device.

McKinnon absolutely cracked up to the point that Jost became concerned for her and inquired if she was okay. Still laughing, the actor announced, “I’m obviously not.”

This is not the first time on Saturday Night Live that a player cracked up and dropped the act a bit, Jimmy Fallon having done the same. Then there are others who almost never break character and maintain an absolutely straight face while filming live from New York.

Still, it’s not often that someone loses it completely and manages to make it even better and funnier as is the case with McKinnon and Jost’s comedic routine last night.

People online were thoroughly entertained as well, as the tweets that have been coming in since have proved. Kate McKinnon has been trending on Twitter and a lot of viewers brought up the moment. One called the moment “cathartic, to say the least” and someone added that it was “summing up 2020 for all of us”.

Some others commented that it was nice to watch her break character and it really gave permission for others to “laugh at ourselves”. And many really liked the character of Dr. Wenowdis, the Greek physician with the pipe. 

The other part of the “Weekend Update”, which featured Michael Che, also included quite a lot of COVID-related jokes.


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