Katherine Langford and her career. Know more about her upcoming projects…!!


The 24-year-old star from Perth, Australia had appeared in several small films like Miss Oxygen, Imperfect Quadrant, and Daughter during 2015 – 16 before auditioning for mystery teen drama TV series “13 reasons why” over Skype, while still being in Australia, the place she was born. Apparently, she had precisely 10 days to get her Visa as she had never worked in the United States before then.

She researched well for her role as Hannah Baker, the American High School Student by speaking with representatives of sexual assault awareness and a psychiatrist who penalizes in adolescence. Well! Her efforts got paid when she received a critical claim for her role in the show. 

After appearing in 2 seasons of show she couldn’t join back for season 3 and 4 because of her dates being clashed with the new web television series “Cursed” where she had signed for the lead role. Although her footages from season 1 were shown in season 4 for reference in the story.

All about Katherine Langford and her life

The daughter of Stephen Langford, a flying doctor and Director of medical services at Royal Flying Doctor Service, Katherine Langford was always interested in Politics and Medicines and was also a nationally ranked swimmer. But destiny had it and she got inspired to learn piano right after she attended a Lady Gaga concert. Soon she wrote 3 songs of her own, one of which was an anti-suicide song “Young and Stupid”.

Katherine Langford and her career. Know more about her upcoming projects…!!

 She wrote “Young and Stupid” in 2013 after 3 teens in Perth, Australia took their lives. She then switched her focus completely towards music and performance and had quit swimming. Determined to become an actor she continued to audition till all acting schools rejected her only because they felt she was too young and had no life experience.

Nevertheless, she joined acting classes and workshops while struggling between three part-time jobs. The hard work seems to have paid off well looking at her current success, fan base, and of course an expected net worth of around $5 million.

Upcoming projects and their insides

Based on the novel of the same name by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler, the latest big-budget fantasy series of Netflix Cursed is set in a re-imagined Arthurian World where Langford is seen playing the role of Nimue “The lady of the lake”. The American Fantasy drama is a story told by the eyes of a teenage girl destined to become a powerful yet tragic “Lady of Lake”.

The show premiered on Netflix on July 17, 2020, and has already received more than 73% positive reviews until now. You can binge-watch all 10 episodes this weekend as they are now available on Netflix.



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