Katherine Langford: Is The ‘CURSED’ Dating someone ?


13 Reasons Why star, Katherine Langford took the world by storm, after debuting her first Netflix series. Sources reveal that she stars in a new fantasy show titled Cursed, which released on July 17, 2020.

More details about Katherine Langford

Katherine Langford is a beautiful Australian actress who is popularly known for playing as Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why. Apart from acting, she is also a singer and a songwriter. She has also appeared in various supporting roles in movies like Love, Simon, and Knives Out. She was also nominated for the best actress for the golden globe awards. She was born on April 29, 1996 (24) in Perth, Australia. Recently, she also starred as Nimie on Netflix hit named Cursed.

Is Katherine Langford Dating Anyone?

Fans are very curious about 13 Reasons Why actor’s love life. They had a question whether she is dating co-star Dylan Minnette (aka Clay Jensen). Viewers were amazed by their chemistry in the show. Unfortunately, they are not dating each other. Currently, Katherine Langford is single, and she is not dating anyone secretly.

Katherine Langford: Is The ‘CURSED’ Dating someone ?

So far she has not revealed her love life to the media, so as of now, she is very much single. She is also not ready to mingle with anyone. Right now, she wants to focus on her life and career. We don’t have any further information about her dating life. Her previous dating history is also not known to the fans. Currently, she has to take care of. She is continuously working on numerous projects, so due to that, she has no time for relationships. Don’t be sad, if you can’t see her date, but you can at least see her in a new Netflix fantasy drama Cursed.

What is her new show about? Is Cursed based on real incidents?

As soon as Cursed got announced by Netflix, the viewers began comparing to the famous Game of Thrones. However, it’s not fair to compare two shows, which only share the same fantasy genre. Let’s just appreciate the stand-alone show and minus the similarities of both the series. The creators’ Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller have put a lot of effort to create this adventure and magical series, which is interlinked to the Arthurian saga.

The plot is based on the true story of a legend named Nimue.  Some myths reveal that young Arthur was given Excalibur, the Sword of Power from the Lady of the Lake. The show claims that Nimue was the rightful owner of the sword. The plot also questions the original story of King Arthur, and asks what if Nimule was supposed to rule Britain? 

She is a magically gifted member of the Sky Folk and has the power to communicate with the Hidden. The Red Paladin’s verge of killings the ancient faerie-worshipping tribe empowered her by giving her chance to discovers the Sword of Power. 

Grieving from her lost family, she has new responsibilities. On her journey, she encounters a handsome mercenary named Arthur (Devon Terrell) and teams up to go on a dangerous quest to get the sword to the wizard Merlin (Gustaf Skarsgard). The story looks pretty interesting. If you are planning to watch the series, then head to Netflix now.

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