Katy Keene Season 2 : The season Cancellation is confirmed


Katy Keene is an American music comedy T.V. series produced by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Michael Grassi. It highlights the story of four struggling artists who are trying to become successful. Katy Keene is a result of Riverdale and took place after the five-year events of the four seasons of Riverdale.

Katy kenne season 1 is a spin-off of a popular web series from Netflix called Riverdale. Katy Keene follows the adventures of 4 struggling artists in new york city. Katy designs clothes for anyone she can, including her friend Josie who wants to become a singer. 

The plot brings up the strong desire of being rich and successful, however, it couldn’t connect with audience much and got a rating of 0.11 and 4,80,000 viewers. And so, considering the same, the production team was already unsure about the launch of the next season. And here is the further update for you.

Is the second season of Katy Keene canceled?

Due to the low rating, CW is not giving another chance to Katy Kenne season 2 to improve its viewership. However, warner bros plan to sell the season to other platforms. Earlier, Lucy hale always shared  video on Instagram  after receiving the confirmation of cancellation and stated that Long story short, I’m just grateful. I am grateful for the role of a lifetime. What a blast! And to Michael Grassi, and Roberto [Aguirre-Sacasa], and the cast — you guys are just magic,” she said. “I’m just so lucky and it’s just moments like this that I realize how lucky I am.”

Katy Keene Season 2 : The season Cancellation is confirmed

This video conveyed lot of disappointment and sadness already which has given another reason to audience to be confirmed that season 2 will not on the screens. “I’m so proud of what we made and I do believe it’s timeless. I think that sometimes things just don’t work and maybe it was just not the right time for it,” she continued. “I don’t know. I’m just a little confused.” Later, Lucy hale also confirmed the cancellation of the series through a video on Instagram, she quoted ” we have not renewed for the second season”.

However, the twist is warners are trying hard to sell the series on other platforms. Stories are that so far it does not look that they will have a new platform as the series failed to attract the audience but no one knows the future.

Well, keeping the hopes intact, lets wait and watch for more insights. Subscribe with us so we could keep you posted about your favorite series. 



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