Keeper of the Lost Cities

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This article is for you if you are eager to know whether there will be a movie on Keeper of the Lost Cities!!

Have you heard about the book Keeper of the Lost Cities? If yes then you must be curious to know how it will be converted into a movie. Disney is all set to work on a live-action film adapted from one of the bestselling books Keeper of the Lost Cities penned down by Shannon Messenger. 

How will it adapt from the book?

Keeper of the Lost Cities has been published in a variety of languages with its nine volumes and it has become the most popular book and gained a lot of fame and fans. Eight volumes of the book have already been released and the ninth one is on its way and is set to be launched in November 2021. It will be exciting for you to hear that Ben Affleck has signed a new project in which he will be directing a film based on the storyline of this movie. 

What more we know about the Keeper of the Lost Cities?

Talking about the release date of the film it is not revealed yet. The storyline of the book revolves around Sophie Foster who is unique and different from other humans. Along with genius and superhuman, she has been seen inheriting abilities that no one else can ever inherit. The story goes on and Sophie meets a lad and their friendship grew strong rapidly. The shock was awaiting Sophie as the boy, whom she thought to be a human, says that he is not a human but an elf. Hard times for Sophie started as she is seen to start a new journey and has found 5 different abilities in herself.

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Now if we talk about the characters of the book, then we can say that Sophie is the only character that is constant throughout all the volumes. So we can say that if the film adapts the book thoroughly then we can see different characters with Sophie. It can also be said that there will be a sequel of the first part if it became a success.


We know that adopting a world-famous book and converting it into a movie is not an easy task at all. It takes time to give all the inputs so that the output can be the best. So if you are curious to watch the adapted movie then you need to be patient. But the good thing is that we will keep you updated about the movie so that your curiosity turns into excitement.

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