Kelsey Grammer, star of Frasier, teases about the plot of their revival show.


There is some storyline material about the Frasier reboot, which has been confirmed.

Dr Frasier Crane actor Kelsey Grammer has been matching New York Live by tingling a few details of the next reboot, including how they are paid honour to the debut episode of John Mahoney, the father of Frasier.

Unfortunately, at the age of 77, Mahoney died in 2018. Grammer remarked, calling his character ‘the George Bailey of the television’: “Frasier will change towns again.”

“He believes he would go out and do one thing,” Grammer said, “and he ends up affluent beyond his expectations,’ and his life takes him in another path. “

He revealed that he had “attracted everyone” to go back to the revival but did not disclose whether a single cast had agreed to make a different series. Previously, he conceded that the narrative could be “told or untold”, but he genuinely hopes it will be the first.

Source : screenrant

“We think most actors are going to come back, I’m sure we’ll hope, and I’m very sure they’ve been coming back,” he said to Collider.

“We have a narrative to tell, honestly with or without them, but I want to tell them back since I have always dreamed of it. I thought in their third act, and that’s my hope, we were supposed to investigate all their lives.”

Initially held for 11 seasons from 1993 to 2004, the sitcom is scheduled to revive with Paramount+ streaming service.



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