Kenye West, video of peeing on his Grammy video slammed by LL Cool J

Kenye West video of peeing
Kenye West video of peeing

American Rapper, James Todd Smith, of 52 better known by LL Cool J, has recently slammed on Kenye West’s latest viral 8-second video in which the actor placed one of his 21 Grammy awards in the toilet bowl and urinated on it. 

The Rapper showed his anger and called the act of Kenye West, of 43 disrespectful. Reacting on West’s video, he said during his podcast episode with Desus & Mero,” Instead of pissing on Grammy, the actor should piss in Yeezy or something else.” This clearly shows that how disappointed was the rapper with Kanye West.

Viral Video: 

The reaction of LL Cool J was genuine being the winner of the Grammy for 2 times and hosting the annual award ceremony for five times. This is the reason he has more respect for Grammy more than anyone else and West’s act left him into shock.

The video has also left his Twitter followers and social media fans really shocked because they were not expecting this aghast act by the renewed actor.

Kenye West video of peeing
Kenye West video of peeing

 The video was a reaction against the record labels and music industry for launching campaigns for artists to their own masters. He also vowed that he is not going to release songs until he’s freed from Sony Contacts and Universal and is not going to stop, which he shared after posting screenshots of his Def Jam Music Group.

The reason for the disrespectful act was justified by saying that, “Grammy is overrated. It can’t make everything alright. There are some offensive things that happened to some music artists because of the Grammy.

Grammy is also full of flaws. They are also imperfect.” But the statement and his video, both were criticized and were disrespectful towards the music industry.

Kenye expresses his disappointment by tweeting that he is not getting what he actually deserves. The company for whom he works pays him very less to get an alcohol or gold chain or car or another luxury which a celebrity deserves.

He said that he will take all the legal actions until the contracts of all artists are not changed. The concern was real but the action was totally awful.


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