The shocking news arrived last week that the CW finally took the Supergirl hit series to an end. Later this month, the show will begin filming its forthcoming sixth season before formally shutting the doors on the entire thing early next year. 

Together with co-host Marc Bernardin, producer Kevin Smith had kind words in the show for a new episode in his Fatman beyond talking series and star Melissa Benoist after the series had been revealed.

The moviemaker Kevin Smith has made his appeals public to perform one more Supergirl episode before next year’s favorite program ends.

What more Kevin Smith Said?

“I liked seeing that. I’ll be sorry to see it go. I think I’ll lead one of those 20 episodes to Heaven,” Smith said. Yeah, I will make a couple of telephone calls back to the National Capital.”

Even Smith was speaking in terms of his time working on the program, saying “Working at this show was some of the finest moments I have ever had in my life, professionally or personally. I’m so happy there is a show.

He was also very praiseful for the partnership of Benoist on the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot feature during the seasons of Supergirl, acknowledging the degree of appreciation he has shown for her and her involvement.

“He said,” she is such a stunning girl. As the first in a film, who performs practically every day and every scene when you are the lead star, and occasionally they strike you on the wires when you would be on a green screen … she’s still looked at her face.


In one of the last 20 episodes of the season, Kevin Smith has made public with his dream of leading star Melissa Benoist. The sudden cancellation marks the final time for Supergirl, who first debuted on CBS in 2015 but did not initially live up to the rating standards of the network.

At the risk of cancellation in late Season, Supergirl was relocated for her second season to CBS’ sister network CW, where her series started steadily to locate her legs and become a beloved fan of the intertwined Arrowverse and even to create an imminent spin-off of Kara’s cousin Superman and Lois.

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