Khloe Kardashian Blasted Over ‘Irresponsible’ Advertisement For Prescription Migraine Drug


Over-Prescription Migraine drugs, Khloe Kardashian has been trolled on twitter by her Fans. 

Recently Khloe Kardashian has promoted a prescription migraine medication on Instagram which is attracting a lot of heat and has been called an irresponsible advertisement too.

However, it became a jackpot for Biohaven on Instagram, as the band got publicity hugely be Khloe’s followers are in 100 million.

Khloe is a star of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, where-in she shared her struggle with the migraine with her personal story. The Instagram post we are talking about had a Hashtag as #sponsership, which suggests that she is being paid for it.

In the comment, she said that #Sponsership One of the most stressful things about #migraine (besides the debilitating pain of course) is the uncertainty. It is hard to predict until when it will be there. With this comment, she posted a picture of hers where she is seen working out beside a pool.

However, not everyone seems to be very happy with these comments. Further, she added when she was questioned about the promotion of prescription medication: Her neurologist had prescribed her @NurtecODT (Rimegepant), which is a huge relief for her as it starts working in just 15 mins, and within an hour anyone can get back to what they were doing. She also said that she is grateful to take back her days from migraines. 

She is using #TakeBackToday to share the stories of her and others affected by the drug’s results. However, infraction of sec, her followers asking her about the decision of promoting a medication as follows:

  • Why are you advertising medication? Seems irresponsible to me,
  • Y’all touting potentially harmful drugs now eh… damn anything for a dollar $$$,
  • It should be noted that she did share the safety information on this drug as:
  • Nurtec ODT is a prescription drug which has side effects of nausea
  • It should be only used by adults with acute migraine issues.
  • It is not a preventive treatment and can cause allergies.

In the past, she has been very vocal about her fight with migraines and shared her excruciating and terrible experience with Shape Magazine and how she dealt with it. The countless headaches have impacted her in a long way and her vision in the left eye became extremely sensitive to light, which many a time lead her to vomit.

So rather keeping an opinion on someone just because they are promoting something, will not help, we need to go deep and understand the why behind it, and in this case, Khloe Kardashian has done a good job to open up and share her experience and what has helped her to cop-up.

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