Kim Kardashian’s Gate Crasher Revealed Motivation for Trespassing

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Days of Kim Kardashian are not going well. First of all, she is amidst the divorce with her husband Kanye West. And now, another problem has aroused which has again brought her into controversy.

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Story of gate crasher!

The incident has started when a man crashed his car in the gates of Kim. And now, the crasher is giving justifications for his doings. 

It was just a week ago when Kim was busy in her regular evening chores. Suddenly a man in his early 20s crashed his car in the front gates of home which is situated amidst the hills. He simply overpowered the security and breached his car into actress’s bungalow.

What is the reason?

According to the random sources, the man said that he was the hard-core fan of Kim and wanted to see her and meet her. He was even claiming Kim as his wife.

Shocking and funny at the same time!

How is Kim now?

When asked from Kim, she told media that she is perfectly OK now. The security did his way best to stop the man from smashing into the house. And now, that man is under custody but is still desperate to meet the actress.

Past experience of Kim:

Another frightening incident has already happened with Kim long back in 2016. While she was residing in her apartment in Paris, she was robbed with some intruders on the gun point. 

According to Kim, five man who were dressed up just like police officers smashed into the apartment of Kim and robbed the jewellery worth $10 million from her on gunpoint. 

After the incident, Kim was in complete shock for few days. 

Something more about Kim:

Past year was also full of devastation for Kim as she filed the divorce with her husband, Kanye West. According to the keen eyes of media, Kim was not wearing her wedding ring which gave the stamp to this news. 

If this was not less, it was also flying rumour that this all was happening because Kanye was having an illegitimate affair with YouTube Jeffree Star.

Courtesy: CinemaBlend

Final words:

Despite of the robbery incident and divorce trauma, Kim has held her up strong and she will overcome this car smashing trauma too pretty soon.

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