King In Black: Marvel’s Symbiote God Just Killed a Starjammers Veteran


The first ever issue of Web of Venom: Emperor’s Wrath has brought a very intense atmosphere to the comic. With the rise of Knull we knew that nobody is safe but the extent of his wrath has been made very clear in the first issue itself.

At the start we see how the majority of the small research outposts belonging to the Skrull/Kree alliance have shut down. Following this Skrull officer M’Lanz, Kree captain Av-Rom, and former superhero Virtue are the first three to investigate the pod on their ship.

At first Kree pilot and former Starjammer Keeyah checks on more of the pods. As nothing else is found, they proceed to open the pod. From it arose a gigantic symbiote which proceeded to get a great grip of the captain, Av-Rom and Virtue eventually got caught too. M’Lanz manages to escape it but even she is not strong enough to save her crewmates. 

Meanwhile Keeyah was floating in space, able to hear only parts of the warning from M’Lanz. All he understands is that they are in danger due to something in the pod. Then all of a sudden a bunch of symbiotes from behind attacked him. In the fight scene, we do get a glimpse of the person controlling it. But their identity has not yet been revealed.

By the time M’Lanz made it to him, Keeyah was long dead. Keeyah fought alongside his original crew against the likes of the Shi’Ar Empire and Phalanx, and got them through some tight spots with his skills as a pilot. 

His death broke many fans and made them angry enough to anticipate Knull’s fall with so much anticipation.

Stay tuned with us for the latest updates!

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