Kissing Booth 2 – Updates on Cast, and Release confirmation – What we know!


Who doesn’t love to talk about the rom-com from college days? ‘Kissing Booth’ the film based on Beth Reekles novel of the same name. A product from Vince Marlo written and directed was released on Netflix on May 11, 2018. After becoming one of Netflix’s most-watched titles of the summer, turned out to be very popular amongst all age groups. 

One of the American teen romantic-comedy film is now stands confirmed by the makers and we got all updates on Kissing Booth 2. Read further to know more!


Well that was quite some time after Joey King’s ‘Elle’s’ announcement on the release of ‘The Kissing Booth 2’ on Netflix on July 24th, 2020 during a YouTube livestream on May 22nd, 2020 while the official trailer has almost been out since February 2020, while a sequel was already in discussion for over a year since February 2019.

Adding on to Joey King’s livestream, we now also see an update on Netflix for the Kissing Booth 2 to stream on July 24th. Hold tight you college romance lovers, this is something you’ve been waiting to see for some time now!

Although we now finally have an update on the Kissing Booth to be streamed on Netflix on July 24th, 2020, we are certainly not in condition to anticipate unforeseen changes due to the global pandemic COVID-19 to delay it further.

Kissing Booth 2 – Updates on Cast, and Release confirmation – What we know!


Jacob Elordi and Joey King will be seen reprising their roles as Noah & Elle along with Meganne Young as Rachel, Carson White as Brad Evans and Molly Ringwald as Mrs. Flynn (Noah’s mother) with a few others ready to build up the story line.


Beth Reekles certainly gave a good platform by writing ‘The Kissing Booth 2: Going the Distance’ which turns out to be an inspiration for the sequel. 

While the couple Noah & Elle struggle through a long-distance relationship, the makers tweaked the storyline by adding some distractions for the love birds as Noah is gone to Harvard for his higher studies and Elle still has complete her senior year in the school with memories. 

Meanwhile, Noah is seen getting closer to Maisie Richardson-Sellers leaving Elle devastated to develop stronger friendship with handsome and desirable Marco. To our surprise, we know Jacob Elordi (Noah) and Joey King (Elle) are real-life exes, however being committed to hold this one at a professional note. We’ll discover! 

Is it going to be the same chemistry as Kissing Booth we saw 2 years back or would the couple have some oops moments in the film? What happens if Elle ends up paying Noah a visit to his college fraternity to create some drama of the long distance relationship?

Just not to throw out any spoilers for the fans, hold-on, this you are going to love the Kissing Booth 2 as much as you loved the prequel.

A couple of weeks more before knowing it all! 


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