Knives Out cameo of Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Source: Screen Rant

Little things serve a lot of purposes and a blink of your eye can manage to miss those little things in the entertainment industry. Those subtle nods and winks at the audience have some meaning, they hold some value, and the audience are needed to acknowledge the same. Talking about cameo appearances, there is one person who is known to have been properly executed it: Stan Lee of Marvel Comics who did the honours in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

However, he was not the only one who was capable of surprising the fans when they never expected him to show up in a particular scene. Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt also has a unique place in the list with his very own unique set of cameo appearances. According to a few reliable reports, he seemed to have been there in every single one of director Rian Johnson’s feature films.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Gordon-Levitt was seen playing the character of the protagonist Brendan in Johnson’s debut feature film in 2005 in an action crime drama that had been titled Brick. The feature film was centered around the investigation of Brendan’s girlfriend which eventually gets himself involved in a high-school crime ring.

Since he showed up in this crime thriller, fans of the crime dramedy Knives Out that had been again directed by Johnson were curious to know whether Gordon-Levitt would be making an appearance or no. And it now appears that yes, he is going to be there without breaking the streak. There is an above good reason for him to come up and turn a few things. The space is evident and we wish to witness him onscreen. Will you be able to predict his entry though?


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