An Indian comedy-drama web series named Little Things is a beautiful love story that revolves around a couple living in a live-in-relationship. The storyline of the show has well connected the characters with the audience. 

The show seems quite relatable and equates to a real tale between a couple, focussing on the spininess faced by them to make their relationship work.

The sweet light-hearted and eccentric storyline of the show has been applauded by the Indian viewers and now the fans are waiting for its season four.

 Can we expect season four?

 At first, the drama premiered on YouTube and as a result of this, the show was highly applauded and earned a huge fan base. Seeing the chemistry between the two going popular onscreen, Netflix has taken all the rights of the series and from now on we will see the couple Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal on the most significant website.

The first three seasons of the show have been dropped out of the box and now the addicted viewers are searching on the internet for season four.

The producers have left space for the sequel, as love has no bounds. However, the producers and the Netflix have neither made announcements on the renewal of the show for season four nor about its release date.

We can expect the season to be aired at the end of 2021 or in early 2022. It means that fans have to wait to see their favorite couple on the screen. Also, COVID 19 has caused the delay too. Till then you can go through the first three seasons available in the library of Netflix.

 Outline of the show 

 The show covers a couple who have been together in liv-in-relationship in Mumbai, presenting Mithila Palkar as Kavya Kulkarni and Dhruv Sehgal as Dhruv Vats. 

The series shows a glimpse of their life, putting efforts to make their relationship work, adorable small fights with a lot of fun and beautiful memories they made together.

In season three, the couple suffered a long-distance connection so the fans are eagerly waiting for the sequel to see the two returning to each other and also hope to see the lovebirds getting married.


 The series deserves to be watched and loved, especially for couples to get aware of how the relationship works.

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