Who Is Carnage?

Sony Pictures Animation has revealed a new character for the upcoming Venom movie: Carnage.

The character is the demonic clone of Eddie Brock that — despite being madly evil and possessing superpowers — is not Carnage himself.

Instead, he is a human who is so unhinged and drenched in a rage that he cannot control his anger.

What more we know about Carnage?

Carnage is a villain not by birth, but by ideology. The character’s name is a reference to the anti-social monster of Greek mythology who is a half-man, half-snake monster.

“The anti-social aspect of a human being with a foundation and a definite personality, of a human being capable of being quite courteous and friendly, and so on, and yet at the same time capable of killing a fly that lands on their tongue, for instance,” has become a classic archetype of the “normal” anti-hero.

According to Marvel Comics editor Mark Waid, “So it’s a typical issue of Greek myth, of great depths to explore and at the same time you’re dealing with it in a very real, and somewhat relatable, contemporary way.”

Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock also becomes infected with Carnage’s corrosive blood, as a result of contact with symbiotes. Sony has shared the teaser of venom 2 and to get a glimpse of it you can check out the link

Carnage superpowers

Carnage had gained new forces that his parents never had, far more dangerous. This was due to the Carnage symbiote, which was gestured in an odd environment, according to the Venom symbiote, which altered its growth. This is why Carnage is physically more powerful than Spider-Man and Venom combined.

Furthermore, the carnage has the unusual capacity to convert pieces of its symbiotic form into arms and even convert fragments into bullets, which can stay formed for up to 10 seconds until detached from its body.

It also can transform the minds and memories of individuals, given that through a tendril it can make contact with their brains.


Despite all that strength, Carnage is far from invincible. It is worth noting, though, that, owing to his stronger link with Cletus Kasady, Carnage is much more vulnerable to warmth and fire than Venom, but much more immune to sound attacks than his parents.

It will be a thrill to watch the fight between venom and carnage.

Stay tuned with us and keep reading.


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